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Spring Hill Pool Rules and Regulations


These rules are for the benefit and protection of our residents, their families, and guests.


All adults must explain these rules to their children and guests, and see that they are followed.


Authority:  The Pool Manager and Lifeguards have the full responsibility and authority to handle discipline in and around the pool area, including the authority to expel members or guests for the day for rule violations and undesirable conduct.


Member Suspension:  The Spring Hill Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend a pool membership for an appropriate length of time on the grounds of a lack of self-discipline and or poor behavior.  No access will be allowed to residents who are delinquent on their homeowners dues or in violation of the Spring Hill Covenants.

Pass System:  This is a member’s only pool.  Everyone entering the pool area must have a card pass.  If you have lost your issued pool pass, there is a $10 replacement fee for a new one

Guest Registration & Fees

  • Guests – Guest fees are $1/guest payable by the homeowner with a limit of 5 guests per household per visit.

  • Babysitters-  - Babysitters supervising children of Spring Hill residents must register with the lifeguard and will be admitted free.  Babysitters are responsible for their charge at all times.  Babysitters must be at least 14 years old.


Age Limitations:  Parents, Guardians, or babysitters are responsible for the conduct of their minor children.  Children must be 12 years of age or older to come to the pool without their guardian.


Non-admittance:  No swimmers shall be admitted to the pool area with skin diseases, inflamed eyes or sores, symptoms of illness such as persistent coughs, colds, ear or nasal discharge, or with open wounds requiring bandages. Anyone without a pool pass is NOT allowed to visit the pool. You must have a pool pass card in your possession during your visit.


Safety Break:  Every hour at 50 minutes after the hour there is a ten (10) minute safety break requiring everyone 18 years old and younger to exit the pool.  Adults may swim during the safety break.


Running:  Absolutely no running in the pool area.


Unacceptable Social Behavior:  Profanity, vulgar remarks, angry shouting, yelling, fighting, smoking and inappropriate sexual behavior will not be tolerated in or around the pool area and are grounds for expulsion.  That person is subject to discipline described in Rule 1.


Horseplay:  No gymnastics, dunking, splashing, or rocking the water that could be harmful to swimmers or the pool equipment.

Diving Restrictions:  Diving is permitted from the diving board and the designated areas in the deep end of the pool.  Diving is not allowed in the shallow area designated by the red lines.

  • Only one (1) person is allowed on the diving board at a time.

  • Divers must wait until their target area is clear of swimmers before diving.

  • Back diving from the side of the pool is prohibited.

  • Hanging on the Diving Board is prohibited.

  • Excessive bouncing on the Diving Board is not allowed.

  • Non Swimmers requiring swimming aids are not allowed on the diving board.

  • Anyone swimming in the deep end of the pool must be able to swim across the pool and back unaided.  They must demonstrate this ability at the request of the lifeguard.


Lifeguard:  Do not distract the lifeguard by carrying on a conversation while he/she is on duty.  Do not climb on, dive from, or sit on the lifeguard chair. Floatation toys cannot be tall or stand above the water line and restrict lifeguard view of the pool.

Water Contamination:  No spitting, spouting water, blowing noses, or urinating into the pool water.


Tanning Oils:  All oil-based products are prohibited.  Suntan lotion is permitted.


Swimming Attire & Diapers:  Proper swimming attire is required.  NO strapless sunbathing.  Cut-offs or frayed clothing is prohibited.  Children wearing diapers are required to wear a swim diaper in the pool.


Pool/Bathhouse Restrictions:  No smoking, chew/snuff tobacco, vaping or use of e-cigarettes is allowed anywhere inside the pool area.  No eating or drinking in the restrooms.  Do not stop up the toilets.


Loitering:  No loitering is allowed at the pool entrance or in the bathhouse.


Food & Drinks:  All glass and glass containers are prohibited.  Residents are expected to clean up food and drink spills and clean their area before leaving.  Chewing gum is prohibited.


Trash:  All trash must be placed in the trash receptacles provided.


Furniture:  Do not remove the pool furniture from the concrete pad or pool area.


Bicycles:  All bikes must be parked in the rack at the entrance.


Pets:  Pets are not allowed in the pool area or in the bathhouse.


Pool Closings:  The pool is closed when there is a threat or presence of lightning and thunder.  From time to time, the pool may have to be closed for maintenance without notice.  Information about re-opening will be posted at the pool.


Parties:  No private parties during pool hours.  Parties are a base fee plus the cost of the lifeguard(s).  Parties with more than 25 guests will need two lifeguards on duty.  Contact the pool administrator for details and pool party reservations.

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